July 12, 2018

Bring Mission Hill Home Prize Pack


As Chef Patrick mentioned in his first blog post, he and I recently had the opportunity to host eight guests for a Bring Mission Hill Home winners dinner. It was really exciting to see the whole experience from start to finish. The prizes were brought it and ready to go, a full four course meal, Mission Hill wines paired with every course, a sommelier spoke to the wines, and of course Chef Patrick and I were busy preparing the dinner.

Another part of Bring Mission Hill Home prize is an amazing cookware set that we use to prepare the meal for you and your guests. Not only do you get to keep the set (cleanup may or may not be included), but we share pro tips with you for how to best use the set in your own kitchen.

Patrick and I were pretty excited to use these pieces ourselves and see how we can explore our food creations with them. Here are some highlights of what we created with the cookware.

Staub enameled cast iron cooking set

The Staub cookware set includes: a heritage braiser (12”), oval cocotte (5.5L), round cocotte (3.8L), roaster (11.8”x7.9”), wood handled fry pan (9.5”), all of course made of their signature enameled cast iron. What makes cast iron so unique is its ability to retain and redistribute heat.

We especially loved the cast iron roaster, which is an incredibly versatile item. At our Bring Mission Hill Home dinner, we used it on our roasted lamb which we served with sprouted rye, beets and rhubarb. You can see our prep below.

Zwilling Henckels Six-Piece Professional Knife Set

An essential part of every kitchen is having at least one or two reliable knives in your arsenal. This knife set goes above and beyond with a natural wooden block with a honing steel and five knives: paring (4”), utility (6”), chef’s (8”), and bread (9”). These should pretty well cover all of your kitchen needs.

The utility and chef’s knives were used in prep for this dinner. The precision and sharpness of the knife really allowed us to slice through pretty much anything accurately, as you can see on the smoked duck breast below.

We think these items will really go a long way to making sure you have everything you need to cook a delicious meal at your next dinner party. Served of course with your favorite Mission Hill wines.


Adam Vaughan