July 12, 2018

Patio Season is Here in the Okanagan!

The sun is out, boats are back in the lake and barbeques are being dusted off from their winter neglect. Its official, patio season is in full swing here in the Okanagan Valley, which of course can only mean one thing, it’s time to break out the Rosé.

Our Reserve Rosé is the perfect summer sipper to be paired with sunglasses and flip flops. Your patio set-up is complete, add a simple charcuterie board to the table for the finishing touch. The Rosé will also beautifully compliment a grilled salmon filet and veggies, because it’s summer and everything is better on a barbeque.

Here’s one of my favorite recipes for a delicious grilled salmon filet. It’s a nice and easy recipe; with the amazing salmon we’re lucky enough to have in BC, I like to let the natural flavours shine.

Gilled Lemon Salmon Steak

Serves four



Pre-heat grill to high.

Brush the salmon fillets with the extra virgin olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Place lemon slices and salmon fillets on the grill.

Grill until lemon slices are charred and salmon is cooked through. Roughly 5 minutes per side.

Add a dollop of butter to the salmon when its hot off the grill and top the fillets with the charred lemon slices.

Try it out with a crisp, cold Rosé and some close friends.


Adam Vaughan